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Wave 3in1

Wave 3in1

Do you feel that it's a waste of time if you have to spend more than five minutes choosing nail polish? Colour isn't the only factor to think about when selecting a new nail polish; other qualities to think about include the varnish's gloss, lustre, and texture. There has been a proliferation of new nail paint styles in recent years. These include modern takes on traditional nail art, including combining multiple nail polish formulas and finishes in a single manicure, and entirely new approaches to nail art.

Whether you're a beauty expert or just want to see what's out there for your next salon visit, this trio set is perfect for you.

Shine On with this Trio!

The shine is incredible, and it even stays put on natural nails, which is unusual! A traditional blend of the brightest sparkling colours, this professional-grade dip powder will put you in the spotlight.

Perfect for both home usage and use in a salon or beauty establishment. There is no need to expose your manicured nails to any sort of Ultraviolet or LED light for curing. These Glittery or shimmery nail paints are a fun and versatile way to update your manicure for every season.