DND DC 3 In 1 Set

DND DC 3 In 1 Set

The gel polish from DND DC is of salon-grade quality, and it stays on the nails for weeks. It's convenient to have a coordinating nail polish with your gel manicure kit so you may use it for touch-ups or a full manicure.

The Ultimate 3-in-1 Pack Dipping powder, gel polish, and regular polish are all included in the sets. Thanks to the revamped recipe, the Gel Nail Polish system now requires only Gel Color and Topcoat, rather than the previous requirement of Base Coat and Bond. It has maximum effectiveness of 21 days. LED and UV-cured.

How to Use Gel:

  • Use a buffer between 180 to 240 to remove the gloss from the nail bed and wash away any oil or dirt.
  • Put on a first, very light coat of the Daisy soak-off gel colour. In each step, make sure to secure the free edge.
  • LED curing time is 60 seconds; UV curing time is 2 minutes.
  • To add a second coat, use a soak-off gel colour in the shade Daisy. LED or UV lamps can be used for this stage, and the curing duration is the same as in step 3.
  • Put on some Daisy Top Gel. Use a UV or LED lamp for the same amount of time as in Step 3 to cure.
  • To get rid of the sticky residue on your nails, use a lint-free pad or nail wipes soaked in nail cleanser.
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